Product Care — BUBEN&ZORWEG

Product Care

Timeless beauty, easy to savour

Only the finest, handpicked materials contribute to the fascination that a masterpiece from BUBEN&ZORWEG evokes. A true masterpiece retains its beauty for a lifetime, with minimal maintenance.


BUBEN&ZORWEG carefully selects its leather hides, tanning them in an environmentally friendly manner according to the latest state of the art technology. Then our highly skilled master craftspeople process the hides and add a thin coating to protects them from environmental factors and emphasise their unique character. In order to maintain this alluring finish, we recommend using our BUBEN&ZORWEG care products.


Precious woods

Our precious woods with carefully selected grain, reveal an inspiring play of elegant nuances, even under several layers of lacquer. To care for your wood, we recommend less is more. A lint-free, damp cloth is sufficient.

Glass surfaces retain their flawless shine with glass cleaner and a microfiber cloth. 


Lifelong service

Masterpieces for life

Helping our clients savour their BUBEN&ZORWEG Masterpiece over many decades is very important to us. This is why we have established a worldwide customer service network. If you have questions about our innovative technology, functionality or problems, we are always here for you.