Neo 6 closed exposed carbon fibre — BUBEN&ZORWEG
Neo 6 open exposed interior and watches — BUBEN&ZORWEG
Neo 12 closed exposed case carbon fibre — BUBEN&ZORWEG
Neo 12 open expose interior and watches — BUBEN&ZORWEG
Neo 6 closed clear image of detailed — BUBEN&ZORWEG

Modern Treasure Chest

With the lockable NEO case collection you can keep your timepieces safe and secure, at home or while travelling. The modern, hand-crafted housing in black semi-gloss lacquer is available in various materials, such as carbon fibre, and can beautifully display up to 12 watches. Suspended watch cushions guarantee a perfect fit for your beloved collection.

We reserve the right to change product specifications without prior notice.


Matte carbon — BUBEN&ZORWEG
Spike rock — BUBEN&ZORWEG
Matte carbon
Matte carbon — BUBEN&ZORWEG
Matte carbon — BUBEN&ZORWEG

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