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High-Security Safes

German engineering & craftsmanship

When it comes to precious treasures, exclusive watches and jewellery and extraordinary works of art, safety is of paramount importance. In this sphere, BUBEN&ZORWEG, with its masterpieces of engineering and its passion for innovation, design and perfect craftsmanship, is completely at home. Each B&Z luxury safe incorporates German engineering excellence, pioneering technological achievements, certified high-security systems and futuristic details. 


Security features


Safe construction

Each B&Z premium high-security safe features a multi-walled housing construction, a multi-walled door and a massive door leaf. Each safe is an object of substantial weight and as a further anti-theft measure, and for superior insurance coverage, all safes can be affixed to a wall or the floor.

Locking systems

Every B&Z high-end safe features electronic high-security locking systems guaranteeing the highest level of security. Inputting a passcode into the electronic security system or scanning your finger (optional feature) is an entirely electronic process which activates a motor and gear system to unlock the locking bolt.


Mechanical redundancy

The electronic lock is supplemented by a key-operated lock, a system called mechanical redundancy, so that the safe can be opened if, for instance, the code is forgotten, or the power supply fails. 

VdS Certification




Every BUBEN&ZORWEG premium high-security safe is delivered and installed by an expert team. B&Z’s master installers take care of every aspect on site. Prior to installation, clients receive a comprehensive transport questionnaire, to ensure the B&Z team is fully prepared. Based on feedback, B&Z arranges all the required tools for the day of the installation and liaises with all relevant service providers, including crane companies. B&Z’s installation experts leave the location only when everything is installed and perfectly integrated into the living interior and once all functions are explained in detail.  



Every BUBEN&ZORWEG high-security safe comes with a 2-year warranty for all aspects of the luxury safe. When the owners register their B&Z masterpiece with the B&Z Club, the warranty for technical aspects of the safe immediately extends to 5 years.


Inbuilt Solutions

A focus on customised solutions has always been a part of the BUBEN&ZORWEG philosophy. Whether integrating a safe design into a luxury yacht, a ski chalet, grand palace or futuristic home of equal extravagance, we have put our expertise and passion for innovation to the test countless times.
The B&Z modular system for inbuilt safes, designed with passionate collectors in mind, creates fascinating possibilities for seamless integration into every kind of luxury interior. Interior architects and designers regularly use masterpieces from the B&Z Manufaktur to create flexible concepts in elegant surroundings, tailor-made to suit the specific requirements of the discerning collector.   

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