A real one-of-a-kind!

In November 2021 during Dubai Watch Week, BUBEN&ZORWEG CEO Florian vom Bruch met a Dubai based entrepreneur for the first time. While talking about their passion for watches and racing, the idea was born to create a unique object that would perfectly match the client’s personality and wishes, incorporating a custom green colour and distinctive carbon fibre elements which mirrored the client´s supercar collection.

To realise the client´s vision to create a unique masterpiece that reflected the flair and style of his supercar collection, even the tiniest details were taken into account. The safe features the owner’s initials in his chosen custom green colour in the form of his own handwriting, LED Lighting in the same green tone and the addition of a remote control which activates and deactivates the lighting and closes the lifting mechanism of the object.

The final result surpassed all the client’s expectations, and prompted the highest praise BUBEN&ZORWEG could wish for:

I now enjoy looking at my watches in the safe more than wearing them on the wrist!

Client quote


Personal client logo “JS”

in Bespoke Green and own handwriting

Personal client logo “JS”  — BUBEN&ZORWEG

LED lighting

with fading function in Bespoke Green

LED lighting  — BUBEN&ZORWEG

Carbon fibre body

in Deep Black

Carbon fibre body  — BUBEN&ZORWEG

Blend of 8 Time Mover®

and 4 multipurpose drawers

Blend of 8 Time Mover® — BUBEN&ZORWEG

B&Z Signature Clock

in all-black cockpit frame

B&Z Signature Clock  — BUBEN&ZORWEG

Technical Data

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