The reference in high-security safes and watch winders

Since it was established in 1995, BUBEN&ZORWEG has lived up to its mission of Creating Unique Masterpieces for and with its clients. Numerous pioneering achievements in premium high-security safe construction and design and watch winder technology have led B&Z to become the global reference in luxury safes and high-end watch winders, as well as bespoke commissions combining both areas of expertise.

The unique blend of German engineering, fine craftsmanship and extraordinary design captivates connoisseurs of the exceptional, every time anew.

Across the globe, heads of state and leading figures from the worlds of business, sports, media and entertainment treasure extraordinary masterpieces designed and crafted at the B&Z Manufaktur, bearing the proud mark of quality, Made in Germany.

The B&Z collection is available in more than 75 countries and can be experienced in selected B&Z brand boutiques, in-shop boutiques and at the most prestigious luxury watch and jewelry stores worldwide.


German Engineering — BUBEN&ZORWEG

German Engineering

At the centre of each of our masterpieces serve cutting-edge technologies underlying the highest possible quality standards. The unparalleled level of excellence is achieved by the pursuit of German engineering and a strong pioneering spirit.

Fine Craftsmanship — BUBEN&ZORWEG

Fine Craftsmanship

Each of our masterpieces originate from the tradition and experience of fine craftsmanship. Every detail testifies to the uncompromising pursuit of perfection – from the polishing of the smallest screw to the ten layers of lacquer of immaculately deep high-gloss. All 100% Made in Germany.

Extraordinary Design — BUBEN&ZORWEG

Extraordinary Design

Each of our masterpieces is a work of art in design and form. A magical highlight even in the most demanding living-room interior.

Executive Board

From left to right: Daniel Zorweg (Partner/President), Martin Zeiringer (CFO), Harald Buben (Co-Founder/President), Florian vom Bruch (CEO), Christian Zorweg (Co-Founder/President) — BUBEN&ZORWEG

From left to right: Daniel Zorweg (Partner/President), Martin Zeiringer (CFO), Harald Buben (Co-Founder/President), Florian vom Bruch (CEO), Christian Zorweg (Co-Founder/President)

Founded by childhood friends Harald Buben and Christian Zorweg, the company is today still family-owned, with Christian’s brother Daniel Zorweg as a third shareholder.

In 2019, Florian vom Bruch (CEO) and Martin Zeiringer (CFO) joined the leadership team of the company to steer the business together with the owners, and further expand its footprint.

The B&Z Group Headquarters and Manufaktur are located in Pforzheim, Germany. In the central sales and service regions, including Shanghai, Singapore, Dubai and New York, local teams of experts are available for on-site customer support and services.


A story of pioneering spirit and a drive to create the unique

Test Caption — BUBEN&ZORWEG

1995: Two childhood friends dream of the wide world

Childhood friends Harald Buben and Christian Zorweg, first meet in Austria at the tender age of 12.  While walking home from school every day, they begin to dream of travelling the world and perhaps conquering it one day, in true entrepreneurial style. Inspired by a trip to Australia in their teens, they begin selling Australian opals to the jewellery trade, alongside studying law and business. While still at university, they launch BUBEN&ZORWEG in 1995, specialising in the crafting and distribution of exclusive watch and jewellery cases.

1998: The first watch winder

The first B&Z watch winder, the Classic, is born. In cooperation with German company Elma, famous amongst watch makers for their testing devices, the basis of the modern watch winder is mastered.


2001: Patented TIME MOVER® technology

After a 3-year development project, B&Z introduces the patented TIME MOVER® watch winder technology. Made in Germany, it marks the introduction of one of the first watch winders for private usage. Manufacturing capacities are expanded to satisfy growing demand.

2003: Technology meets Design

Collaboration with designer Eberhard Hagmann, and his appointment as B&Z’s Creative Director. B&Z continues to enlarge its network of specialists in the area of Stuttgart and builds up manufacturing capacities. 

Test Caption — BUBEN&ZORWEG

2005: An additional shareholder and a new masterpiece

Daniel Zorweg, Christian’s brother, who had been working with the company since 1997, becomes a shareholder and partner.

The first unique Object of Time® is created - The GRANDE PRECISION. A combination of a watch winder and a high precision clock, with traditional and modern characteristics. A true German masterpiece of craftsmanship. Today, the GRANDE INFINITY, as its successor and second generation, is a crucial part of the B&Z collection.

2006: The safe becomes an interior piece of art

Creation of the SOLITAIRE. A multifunctional and multisensory masterpiece with the B&Z Tourbillon clock and, for the first time, an integrated high-security safe.


2007: Second generation of TIME MOVER®

Introduction of the second generation of the TIME MOVER® watch winder technology with a new movement that enables operation for decades and a new state-of-the art control unit with LED display.

2008: A high-security safe with wow-effect

Introduction of the X-007, the world’s first high-security safe with an inbuilt elevating system. Today the inbuilt elevating technology lives on in the BUBEN&ZORWEG collection with the GRANDE ILLUSION.

First B&Z boutique opens in Dubai. Boutiques in Singapore, Shanghai and other cities follow.

Exquisite Craftsmanship Meets Ultimate Security: BUBEN&ZORWEG Safe with Signature Clock and Advanced Time Mover — BUBEN&ZORWEG

2009: A vision creates perspective

Launch of the VISION collection. An innovative two-way mirror glass is the focus of a new design, concealing the high-security safe and other functions behind a completely mirrored front which fits seamlessly in every dressing room.

2011: A new Manufaktur building

B&Z moves into a new Manufaktur in Ölbronn-Dürrn, near Pforzheim/Stuttgart


2012: First collaboration with an iconic supercar maker

Collaboration with Aston Martin for the introduction of the Aston Martin One-77. B&Z engineers, designs and manufactures 77 matching Objects of time® including a high-security safe and watch winder presentation module, incorporating the design characteristics of the super sports car.

2013: Launch of the ORION

With the launch of the ORION safe collection B&Z perfectly balances an ultra-hard steel core and a soft finish, with the finest Italian Nappa leather applied by hand. Distinctive characteristics of the collection are the quilted square pattern and the numerous hand-made components, from hand-set mother-of-pearl inlays and hand-sewn stitches to hand-polished stainless steel elements.


2016-2019: Top 30 German luxury brand

B&Z is awarded twice by renowned consulting company EY as a German top 30 global luxury brand, honoured alongside exclusive brands like Montblanc, Porsche, A. Lange & Söhne and Leica.
Additionally, B&Z receives the German Design Award twice, in honour of their outstanding design work   in the GALAXY and GRANDE ILLUSION collections.
B&Z also receives the German Brand Award three times in a row for its exceptional brand reputation and brand management. 

2019: Two new Managing Directors

Appointment of Florian vom Bruch as CEO and Martin Zeiringer as CFO to lead the business as Managing Directors.


2020: Collaboration with Bugatti Automobiles

Start of a long-term collaboration with the French hyper car manufacturer Bugatti Automobiles. Launch of the Chiron collection, including the Chiron 300+ collection inspired by the world’s fastest car, and the Hyper Safe collection to pay tribute to the rich Bugatti history of Art, Form and Technique.

2021: Take off with TURBO

Market launch of the TURBO collection as a new generation of statement safes. With design roots in the world of motor sports and racing materials including carbon fibre, TURBO is a bold, high-octane collection designed to turn heads.  

Turbocharge Your Security: The TURBO Collection - BUBEN&ZORWEG's Fusion of Motorsport Aesthetics and Peak Protection — BUBEN&ZORWEG

2023: A new building for the 21st century

Start of the construction of the new B&Z Manufaktur, Headquarters and flagship store in Pforzheim, Germany.  


BUBEN&ZORWEG’s focus is on the highest possible quality level and therefore manufacture is centered around small series, limited editions and unique pieces.

Place and inspiration

The BUBEN&ZORWEG Manufaktur is located where world-class engineering and design, craftsmanship and ingenuity have always come together – close to Stuttgart, in the heart of the German premium car industry. This is home to our world of new ideas and extraordinary creations. Our design team, product developers, engineers and craftspeople work in close collaboration to make our clients’ wishes come true. The crafting of a BUBEN&ZORWEG masterpiece is highly artistic, manual and personal and it takes time to attain a level of quality designed to last for generations. Everything comes together in one place, is perfected by hand and is inspired by the dream of Creating Unique Masterpieces.


Values and spirit

Our conviction: Courage. Dedication. Perfection. 
Only with courage and dedication, and by demanding nothing short of perfection, can we create something unique.

It takes courage to expand the scope of possibility and enter new territory, dedication to overcome obstacles and turn bold ideas into reality and a demand for perfection to ensure the quality of authentic objects. Object after object, year upon year.


Masters for the unique

We call them our devoted heroes - the master craftspeople who work together in our Manufaktur to create unique masterpieces. Precious materials, bold ideas and grand expectations in the pursuit of perfection attract only those who have the courage, self-confidence and ability to achieve the seemingly impossible. With an expert eye for detail, a laser focus on results and a creative team spirit dedicated to meeting complex challenges.
Once a new BUBEN&ZORWEG masterpiece is complete, it evokes pure fascination - even among those who have created it.


New Manufaktur

After almost 30 years of BUBEN&ZORWEG, we are currently planning a new production building in Pforzheim. Construction will start in autumn 2023. We will inform you regularly about this important project for the future of our manufactory.


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