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Cutting-edge technology & contemporary design

The finest watches deserve a fitting presentation that preserves their value. The BUBEN&ZORWEG luxury watch winder collections combine cutting-edge technology and contemporary design to result in exceptional masterpieces designed for passionate watch lovers. 

Time Mover® technology — BUBEN&ZORWEG

Time Mover® technology

When it comes to high end watch winders, at the heart of every collection is BUBEN&ZORWEG’s Time Mover® technology. Originally created in 1998 with passionate watch aficionados in mind, the Time Mover® is widely acknowledged as one of the most influential watch winder technologies the industry has seen in the last three decades.

At B&Z we believe watch winders are indispensable for lovers of valuable automatic watches. Here’s why:

Time Mover® functionality  — BUBEN&ZORWEG

Time Mover® functionality

B&Z watch winders with Time Mover® technology perfectly recreate the movements of a luxury watch worn on the wrist, but with less stress, because there are no external influences such as shocks and moisture. The refined movement cycles of the innovative electronic control of the Time Mover® modules ensure that the calibre is always in the optimal state between full winding and relaxation. To achieve this, the Time Mover® technology incorporates programmed rest phases which mimic human movement, as if the owner was actually wearing their watch. This sophisticated approach ensures that each timepiece is not only displayed in unparalleled elegance but is also maintained in perfect working order, reflecting the essence of luxury and care in every detail.

Time Mover® highlights — BUBEN&ZORWEG

Time Mover® highlights

The technical heart of the Time Mover® has been continuously perfected by BUBEN&ZORWEG engineers. Today, each single module can accommodate automatic watches with a diameter of up to 60mm and those with distinctive crowns. Innovative new materials enable the Time Mover® to work virtually silently. A recent stress test confirmed a service time of an estimated 30 years.

Time Mover® warranty  — BUBEN&ZORWEG

Time Mover® warranty

In over 100 countries, passionate watch enthusiasts place their trust in BUBEN&ZORWEG Time Mover® technology.

The exceptional engineering and craftsmanship with which Time Mover® modules are manufactured guarantees watch collectors the joy they experience in housing and presenting them.

B&Z’s five-year warranty on Time Mover® technology is an expression of our confidence in our Manufaktur. Made in Germany.  

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