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Launch Hyper Safe Collection

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In 2020, the first incomparable creations of a partnership between BUBEN&ZORWEG and Bugatti Automobiles were revealed. Today, we are proud to announce that the partnership with Bugatti continues, in pursuit of new levels of security, beauty and technology in BUBEN&ZORWEG´s LUXURY SAFES.

Thus, this time the vision and ultimate goal of the company´s engineering and design experts was to create a never before seen fusion of incomparable aesthetics and technical finesse in the field of true High-Security Safes.  

Unmistakable from any angle, the new collection comes with a number of world-firsts such as a completely re-engineered safe door and newly designed safe handle, a new high tech coating with three distinctive coating colors and a unique Lighting concept with 360-degree experience.

Available as HYPER LIGHT, HYPER DARK und HYPER TRACK version all models share the same vision and yet radiate a distinct and unique aura. To live up to the essence of the collaboration and promise to create only the finest objects, each Hyper Safe Model is limited to 25 pieces.

THE HYPER SAFE COLLECTION. In a class of its own.

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