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Bespoke Story: Mother Love

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At the beginning of 2022, a German business woman asked us if we could create a combined luxury mirrored jewellery cabinet, watch winder and high-security safe.

The masterpiece was to be a housewarming gift marking a new chapter in the life of her only daughter, who was moving out of the family home to her own apartment in New York. This was the start of an extraordinary bespoke commission called Katherina – A Mother’s Love.

During the design phase, our client shared with us architectural drawings, videos and samples of furniture, colours, materials and shapes which best represented the style and look of the new apartment. Based on the information given to us, our engineers and designers crafted a one-of-a-kind Multifunctional Object which reflects the warm colours and tones of the home and its interior design.

The result is a perfectly integrated Masterpiece B&Z BESPOKE exclusively tailored to the daughter’s requirements.

We love playing our part in such unique stories.

We were overwhelmed by the superb craftsmanship and sheer beauty of the object.

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