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B&Z in Hollywood movie “The Hustle”

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Picture the delightful Anne Hathaway and the eccentric and charming Rebel Wilson teaming up in a hilarious comedy where they portray two cunning schemers. One is a resourceful woman struggling to make ends meet, while the other hails from the upper echelons of society. Their paths intertwine as they unite to seek revenge against the callous and lazy men who have caused them harm in the past.

The upcoming film "The Hustle", directed by Chris Addison and set to hit cinemas in May of this year, is far from your typical Hollywood blockbuster. It showcases the remarkable involvement of a BUBEN&ZORWEG masterpiece, which not only plays a significant part within the story but ultimately becomes the central focus of a captivating real-life anecdote.

Next, imagine yourself sitting in front of the big screen, perhaps clutching a bag of popcorn tightly in your hand. Suddenly, an uncomfortable moment emerges, capturing your attention and heightening the intrigue:

In this captivating scene, the enchanting Anne Hathaway delicately places a trio of dazzling, generously sized diamond rings into a secure safe. The precious gems glisten with brilliance, catching the light as they find their place among stacks of carefully stored cash. With a sense of assurance, she closes the thick steel door, and as it shuts, the graphite-coloured soft insert crafted from luxurious Italian Nappa leather reveals the elegant inscription "BUBEN&ZORWEG." The sight of the renowned brand name adds an air of sophistication and exclusivity to the moment.

Adding to the allure of the scene, the presence of a new Hollywood star shines alongside Anne Hathaway - none other than the iconic BUBEN&ZORWEG ORION, a true tour de force in terms of its design and cutting-edge technological features, commanding attention with its undeniable presence. Its striking aesthetics and advanced functionality further enhances the captivating narrative on the screen.

The safe proved so alluring that once production of the movie was complete, one of the leading actresses decided to buy the ORION right away.