Stay tuned!

Stay tuned!

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The extraordinary

Multifunctional Masterpieces: A magical fusion of function and emotion.

The design: bold, progressive, timelessly elegant. The performance: innovative, composed down to the smallest detail. The radiance: fascinating, beyond words. All in all: a magical fusion of function and emotion.

New perspective
Security as beauty

Security itself becomes an object of art. With the latest technologies in exclusive design.

Security itself becomes an object of art. With the latest technologies in exclusive design. With the finest materials for exquisite interiors. With fascinating aesthetics of security, combining the excellence of German engineering and timeless beauty.

Detailed view of the refined Orion Safes from BUBEN&ZÖRWEG.
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BUBEN&ZORWEG - Ouf formula

Inspiring creativity, exceptional functionality and limitless individuality. This is how, from the cutting-edge technology, most exclusive materials and German craftmanship, our unique masterpieces are created.

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Courage, dedication, perfection

Brand - Our conviction

Only with courage, dedication and the demand for perfection can we create something unique. Courage to expand the scope of the possible and to enter new territory. Dedication to overcoming obstacles and turning bold ideas into reality. Demand for perfection to ensure the quality of genuine objects. Object by object, year by year.

Bootloop on the sea
A living room with a special atmosphere: Tailor-made and exquisite interior design by BUBEN&ZÖRWEG.

Unique pieces made to measure

B&Z Bespoke

You have your own powerful vision and wish for an individually tailored masterpiece? We look forward to combining your very personal ideas with our craftsmanship and creating unique pieces together.