March 8, 2021

Join Dima Ovtcharov along his Bespoke journey.

Dima Ovtcharov is one of the best table tennis players in the world and a great ambassador of the sports world.  In 2018 he celebrated the most important year of his career when he achieved the number 1 position of the table tennis world ranking. In the last 20 years, only three European players have managed to top the world ranking as number 1.


Besides that, he is a four-time Olympic medal winner with heroic triumphs at the Olympics in Peking 2008, London 2012 and Rio 2016. The long list of his successes also contains being World Cup Winner, European Champion and 5 x Champions League Winner.


In search of an adequate high-security safe, Dima discovered BUBEN&ZORWEG and engaged himself in the philosophy and the history of the brand. What attracted Dima to the brand was the commonly shared passion for perfect craftsmanship and mastery as well as the fascination for safes with infinite individualisation possibilities that, up to then, were considered impossible.


Detailed insights about Dima's Bepoke journey are exclusively available in our B&Z Club.