Fine Timepieces



Gravitational forces have a constant effect on the clockwork of a mechanical clock. For example, the momentum of the balance wheel increases in the direction of the gravitational pull, and decreases in the opposite direction. Even though this effect is minimal, it still negatively impacts the precision of the instrument. The tourbillon counteracts the influence of gravity by permanently rotating key components of the clockwork. This is particularly useful for clocks, in which the balance wheel is not subject to movement like that in a watch. In addition, a tourbillon is of course a complication which fascinates all mechanical clock enthusiasts, making it something special to own such a clock. The design and manufacture of a tourbillon bears witness to the exceptional competence and skill of the manufacturer.


BUBEN&ZORWEG presented the first table clock with tourbillon in 2005 - the Pantheon Grande Réserve Tourbillon, whose limited 25 piece run was quickly sold out. The same was true of the Pythagoras World Time Tourbillon (2006) - as the fi rst mechanical table clock with world time and tourbillon it sold out soon after the launch. Both models were testimony to BUBEN&ZORWEG’s master craftsmanship, and their passion for offering unique and innovative products was enthusiastically welcomed by lovers of fi ne timepieces around the world.


BUBEN&ZORWEG presented the ELLIPSE GRAND REVERS DOUBLE TOURBILLON in 2007, a FINE TIMEPIECE whose complication, the double tourbillon, attracted attention from experts in the world of clock making. No other serial clock manufacturer had dared to attempt such an ambitious project. The double tourbillon was designed by BUBEN&ZORWEG’s Atelier d’Horlogerie, where it was also manufactured. 157 individual components were laboriously installed and the system was aligned before subjecting the masterpiece to 500 hours of excellence control. The double tourbillon is a redundant system in which both systems function independent of each other and yet have an effect on each other - with the result that gravitational forces can practically be discounted, once more increasing accuracy.


BUBEN&ZORWEG presented the third generation of pioneering tourbillons in Basel in 2009 - the OBJET DE TEMPS I and II and their Orbit Tourbillons, to great acclaim from aficionados. They showcase the movement of time at the place where it is most clearly articulated - at the tip of the minute hand. The Orbit Tourbillon makes a full circuit around the dial every hour, turning on its own axis once every minute in a masterpiece of watch making technology - harmonic imagery symbolising chronological cycles. Absolute precision is the measurable result of this fascinating, unique innovation, which required all our expertise and a great deal of perfectionism for the diffi cult taskof balancing the minute hand. The boldness needed by BUBEN&ZORWEG to become the only manufacturer of large clocks with built in tourbillons makes us the fi rst stop for passionate collectors of exclusive masterpieces. Our passionate commitment to perfection and innovation has once again stretched the limits of what is possible, redefining the terms true quality and first class masterpiece.


  • Flying minute tourbillon with incorporated B&Z initials
  • Swiss linear escapement
  • 11 jewel bearings (synthetic rubies)
  • Screw balance wheels with antimagnetic overcoil hairspring
  • Incabloc shock absorbing mount


  • Flying minute double tourbillon (157 components)
  • 2 Swiss linear escapements with constant power device
  • 2 screw balance wheels with antimagnetic overcoil hairsprings
  • 24 bearings, Incabloc shock absorbing mount
  • Tourbillon cage from extra light aluminium alloy - only approx. 1.7 g
  • Total weight of mounted double tourbillon: less than 6.5 g


  • Flying tourbillon with lightweight aluminium construction and incorporated B&Z initials
  • Precisely balanced light-weight aluminium minute hand
  • 2 rotation intervals with differing running times (60 seconds and 60 minutes)
  • Swiss linear escapement with constant power device
  • Screw balance wheel with antimagnetic overcoil hairspring
  • Incabloc shock absorbing mount
  • 17 bearings, 3 ball bearings



Cigars rise in value over the years, provided they are stored in an environment which caters to the tobacco leaves’ sensitivity to humidity. Optimal conditions can even increase the depth and quality of the aroma. Humidors from BUBEN&ZORWEG offer precious cigars a perfectly balanced micro-climate to maintain the refined pleasures of exquisite cigars in long-term storage. 


An electronically controlled humidification mechanism regulates evaporation and moisture distribution in all BUBEN&ZORWEG humidors with a precision and reliability significantly higher than that of a passive system. Highly accurate sensors guarantee extremely fast response times - this keeps the humidity constant and, for example, restores it immediately after the cabinet has been opened, dependent on the number of cigars in the humidor. The system measures with an accuracy of plus/minus two percent. The “Grand Connoisseur” model has a humidifier with a collection container holding four litres, and our smaller humidors use a sponge (both are antiseptic to prevent mould formation). The sponge is a speciality item whose composition, swelling behaviour, capillary size and moisture retention are manufactured specifically for the humidifying system used by BUBEN&ZORWEG. The intelligent combination of ventilation as well as active and passive evaporation creates the necessary humidity. In addition, the optimal circulation of 

BUBEN&ZORWEG’s humidors prevents dry zones and damp patches.

BUBEN&ZORWEG’s humidors surround your cigars with Spanish cedar - the best way to support a cigar’s aroma development. The exact micro-climate control and hand-selected precious wood make the HUMIDORE from BUBEN&ZORWEG perfect for cigar ageing - adding value and quality to cigars stored for decades.



Now that our innovations have conquered the market and now that the House of BUBEN&ZORWEG has set new benchmarks in the world of exclusive watches with FINE TIMEPIECES and has thrilled collectors of precious items with elegant humidors and safes, we have brought all these things and more together in our OBJECTS OF TIME® to create masterpieces that go beyond the boundaries of what was previously considered possible.

What once began with the “Objet de Temps I”, the world’s fi rst combination of clock and luxurious ambience for the watch enthusiast with a clear perception of design and value, today forms the centrepiece of the BUBEN&ZORWEG portfolio. 

The concept behind the OBJECTS OF TIME® is to create a holistically integrated, precious ambience that addresses all of the senses and fathoms the dimensions of exceptional taste. 

Exquisite materials, innovative technology, the unsurpassed highlights of FINE TIMEPIECES, optimum security solutions and fascinating design hand-crafted by masters of their art become solitary objects of desire for people with a sense for the exclusive aesthetics of perfection. Practically all OBJECTS OF TIME® are manufactured in strictly limited editions. Thus, they themselves become valuable collector’s pieces, rare treasures for passionate aficionados of the unusual.



The topic of protection and safeguarding quickly becomes the centre of attention when it comes to safekeeping luxury watches, precious valuables or irreplaceable documents. A matter of course, then, for BUBEN&ZORWEG to take up this challenge. Security solutions appropriate to the level of security in question are therefore integrated in virtually every masterpiece. The company has implemented unique, high-end security solutions with the same passion for innovation and master craftsmanship that is so typical of BUBEN&ZORWEG. This is particularly apparent in the use of materials such as RELASTAN®, which was developed by renowned company Kaba AG in close collaboration with technical universities and material testing institutes.

is up to 50 per cent lighter and less voluminous than conventional materials used for armoured protection without compromising any of the features critical to security – a huge advantage in view of the load-bearing capacity of conventional ceiling designs. Take the locking system of the X-007, for instance: BUBEN&ZORWEG banks on PAXOS® compact, a system proven many thousands of times around the world and protector of many billions throughout Europe – from gold safes in national banks to the vaults of banknote prints. Duplicating an independent set of all the main elements relevant to security not only increases the level of security but also achieves a statistical lifetime of 15 million hours. Further features include a maintenance-free mechanical system, integrated protection against drilling and trouble-free integration in alarm systems.

The choice of the best possible solution with regard to security related aspects of BUBEN&ZORWEG luxury safes is supported by the master craftsmanship with which the safes are integrated in OBJECTS OF TIME® or, as is the case with the X-007, in the form of sophisticated standalone luxury safes. Hand-selected woods, finest Italian leather and high quality metal appliqués let you forget that a safe is defined primarily by its purpose – as a masterpiece of craftsmanship from the House of BUBEN&ZORWEG, each safe can also be an attractive element in any discerning ambience. Security can be this beautiful, and beauty can feel this safe.

Time Mover ®


There are three good reasons why lovers of valuable automatic watches simply cannot do without a TIME MOVER® watch winder:


Automatic watches have, on average, a power reserve of approximately 36 hours before the movement stops. As with all high performance mechanisms, motion is the ‘natural’ state of a movement. Standstill can cause, among other problems, lubricants to solidify, which in turn results in a lost of precision and a need for laborious repair work. It is therefore good practice to store automatic watches not being worn in a watch winder to keep them running in a watch winder such as the TIME MOVER® from BUBEN&ZORWEG represents in perfection.


The TIME MOVER® watch winder provides the correct momentum even for large collections of precious automatic watches. The running maintenance for time, date, moon phase, time zones and perpetual calendars is assumed by the TIME MOVER® watch winder, preventing you from having to recalibrate after every standstill. Experience the comfort of knowing that each watch in your collection is accurately set and ready to be worn.


Double the pleasure of owning valuable watches by presenting them in a befitting environment. BUBEN&ZORWEG offer a wide range of TIME MOVER® watch winder units, from small two-piece sets to large, modular, multi-functional pieces for the passionate lover of fine timepieces. Their common denominators are optimal protection and a sumptuous ambience created by master craftsmen for the presentation of your valuable collection.



The movement and therefore winding of the watches is managed in hourly cycles: short winding phases, each with 8 rotations per minute, alternate with longer resting phases. The selected, pre-set number of rotations per day exactly matches the chronograph’s required winding and resting phases.


Watch winders belong to the core competence of BUBEN&ZORWEG: from 1998 onwards we, together with our partner company Elma, have continually upgraded the TIME MOVER® watch winder. Our commitment to innovation and perfection has made the TIME MOVER® watch winder technology a benchmark among watch winders, placing BUBEN&ZORWEG at the top of the world-wide watch winding market. Lovers of fine timepieces in over 100 countries entrust their valuable automatic watches to the care of TIME MOVER® watch winder modules.

The TIME MOVER® watch winder winds watches as gently as possible, taxing them far less than daily wear on the wrist with its exposure to bumps, moisture, etc. Watches that have been wound over long periods of time in regular watch winders sometimes fall prey to a state in which the mainspring works predominantly in the slipping clutch area, never allowing the tension on the mechanism to ease. To prevent this unnecessary strain on the winding mechanism, the TIME MOVER® watch winder has a specially developed sleep phase which allows the tension on the mainspring to ease.

In this way unnecessary stress on both slipping clutch and mainspring is avoided. In addition, the drive torque is kept constant, thus increasing accuracy. Integrated software ensures adherence to the chosen rotational frequency. This guarantees a constant number of rotations even during current fluctuations. The outstanding features of the TIME MOVER® watch winder are the result of uncompromising choice of the best components that can be found on the market. For example, specially developed motors are used for the drive. The impact sound of these already quiet motors was then tuned during countless development hours to the individual frequency of the conductor board to ensure no resonance is created. The use of a motor with a metal drive increased the service life of the battery to between 12 and 18 months.

Also significant for passionate collectors is the watch winder’s magnetic shielding. Electronic motors create magnetic fi elds, which in certain circumstances can have a negative effect on the accuracy of mechanical watches, as the hairspring can take on an electromagnetic charge. This element of uncertainty has been completely removed in BUBEN&ZORWEG watch winders. Ground-breaking development work reduced the radiation emitted by the motor to a value (approx. 80 A/m) that practically no longer registers on instruments, and is only double that of the Earth’s magnetic fi eld. An extra titbit: the radiation value limit for this type of item as defined by the German DIN standard is 4,800 A/m. In addition, the entire TIME MOVER® watch winder technology was tested with a 250 gram weight per watch holder over 15 years of cyclical operation. The current consumption and noise emission are kept within strict tolerances for each module. Given our strive for perfection, it is easy for us put a 5 year warranty on each TIME MOVER® watch winder unit.

Function Overview

The central element of the latest TIME MOVER® watch winder generation is the clearly structured, easy-to-use control panel, intuitively operated via cursor. One control panel can individually ‘manage’ up to six TIME MOVER® watch winder modules (1, 2, or 4 unit modules). The driving idea behind BUBEN&ZORWEG’s TIME MOVER® watch winder is to perfectly simulate the natural wearing behaviour. There is more to it, however - each TIME MOVER® watch winder parameter can be configured to match a watch’s individual requirements with more accuracy than if the watch is worn on a wrist throughout a normal day.

A The Display Navigation takes place by selecting cursor keys in the operating field.

B The Speedwinding Mode quickly provides run-down watches with sufficient power reserves. The running time is pre-set at 60 min. and you can freely choose the rotational direction.

C The Sleep Mode leaves the watch unwound for a freely programmable recovery period of up to 16 hours. This simulates the dayto-day watch wearing for which the clockwork was designed: the sleep mode allows the tension on the mainspring to ease.

The Auto Mode is pre-set on delivery and suitable for almost all watches - optimal for lovers of fine timepieces who have no interest in delving into in-depth technical details. The Auto Mode has a clockwise-counter-clockwise winding mechanism with 900 rotations/day (=450 rotations/day per rotational direction).

E In the individually adjustable Select Mode, the settings of up to six modules can be individually chosen via a compact control module. In this way, different watches with particular requirements can be moved simultaneously yet individually in the same TIME MOVER® watch winder.

F The Setup allows you to set the display language to English, French, or German; you can also choose a demo mode.

G For optimal winding of your watches, you can choose a Frequency between 650 and 1800 rotations per day.

H You can choose between three Rotational Directions: clockwise, counter-clockwise, and alternating.

The watch holder presents the watches during the resting period in the optimal “12 Hour” Position. The watches are easy to insert; the watchband is automatically tightened (suitable for all sizes).



The development of the TIME MOVER® HANDWOUND is for many passionate collectors of exquisite wristwatches with a hand-wound caliber nothing less than a quantum leap. In general, the same rule applies to both automatic and handwound watch movements: extended standstill brings with it the hazard of lubricant solidification and resinification. If the precious item boasts fascinating complications such as a moon phase display or a perpetual calendar, it can become extremely difficult to get its movement working and properly adjusted after a standstill

BUBEN&ZORWEG has even created a masterpiece in the field of hand-wound watches in the form of the ONE with the impressive complication of a perpetual calendar. This development and the ever more urgent market demand finally tipped the scales in favor of tackling the many obstacles lining the path to developing the perfect TIME MOVER® for hand-wound watches.
Anything less than perfect was out of the question. The legendary innovations that have made BUBEN&ZORWEG and its TIME MOVER® technology the uncontested market leader for collectors of automatic watches were but of limited use in this quest.
The TIME MOVER® HANDWOUND is basically a systematic new development characterized by the passion of the House of BUBEN&ZORWEG for innovative solutions.


As the name implies, classic watch winders are intended to keep the movements of automatic watches perfectly on the go by moving the watches in precision-controlled cycles. The winding crown on hand-wound watches, on the other hand, requires sensitive handling and control – a task that is both mechanically and electronically entirely different to the “inside life” of a conventional TIME MOVER®.

Hand-wound watches do not have a safety clutch. The force required to wind the watch increases consistently until the spring is fully tensioned. The TIME MOVER® HANDWOUND monitors these changes in winding force with precise, electronically controlled sensitivity to ensure the winding process can be stopped within milliseconds at the ideal stage when the spring is fully wound. The safety clutch has therefore been relocated externally to the watch winder’s control system, so to speak; this reliably prevents any over-tensioning of the spring.



The “Collector’s” Mode applies a sophisticated algorithm to keep the watch within the spring’s ideal range over the required period of time. The spring torque is kept constant and the watch at its most accurate.


The second winding mode of the TIME MOVER® HANDWOUND is the Speed Winding mode. Speed winding winds the watch once to full spring tension with outstanding precision. The watch can then be removed from the winder and worn with confidence.


The hand on the cradle of the TIME MOVER® HANDWOUND was that of the young science of Bionics – the lessons we can learn from Nature’s optimum solutions. Take, for instance, the innovative and bionically perfect equivalent of the human fingertips inside the TIME MOVER® HANDWOUND: the gentle softness of select rubber rollers that carefully grip the crown... the delicate sensitivity of the sensors that control the winding of the watch. And their adaptability: this revolutionary new technology from the House of BUBEN&ZORWEG is suitable for keeping 95% of hand-wound watches on the market running perfectly.


The TIME MOVER® HANDWOUND is available in various styles of housing – all with the fascinating designs and luxurious materials common to all BUBEN&ZORWEG masterpieces of craftsmanship. The TIME MOVER® HANDWOUND is operable inside its housing and may also be taken out and placed in a safe with a mounted watch. TIME MOVER® HANDWOUND units are of course integrable in other masterpieces from the House of BUBEN&ZORWEG, for instance in our OBJECTS OF TIME®, our SAFES or our exquisite Interior for the FINE ART OF COLLECTING.

It is also easier to mount the watch if the TIME MOVER® HANDWOUND is first removed from the housing. The unit is suitable for mounting watches with diameters between 25 and 55 mm; the possible strap length ranges between 150 and 220 mm. There is an attachment for long straps that is fitted to the upper wing of the watch holder.

The TIME MOVER® HANDWOUND inside the housing is powered via the mains supply. On removal from the housing the power supply is taken over by an integrated battery. A sophisticated energy-saving mode guarantees a runtime of up to one year in battery mode.

BUBEN&ZORWEG has achieved another innovative development in the form of the TIME MOVER® HANDWOUND that has been welcomed with interest and gratitude into the world of passionate collectors of precious watches: here, at last, is a solution beyond all reproach that provides the necessary value-conserving care.

A Collector’s Mode:
This button starts and stops the Collector’s Mode. The mainspring of your watch is maintained within the ideal operating range in accordance with the selected power reserve.

B Speed Winding:
This button starts and stops the speed winding mode which is used to wind the watch to the full spring tension

C Power reserve selection:
Use this button to adjust the power reserve for the Collector’s Mode. Pressing the button toggles the selected power reserve which then appears on the right-hand side of the display.

D Power reserve display:
You can see here which power reserve you selected using the “Power reserve selection” button.