07. November 2019


They say safety is the primary concern of a serious collector. The notion is not entirely devoid of logic, but what BUBEN&ZORWEG is concerned, it is not enough.
The creator of inbuilt, multifunctional luxury safes, watch winders and clocks, goes far beyond the indispensable and highest technical requirements demanded by collectors to safeguard their most prized possessions.

Recognized around the world as a prime purveyor of luxury safes who’s excellent choice of materials and finest German craftsmanship fulfils and even exceed its customers highest expectations, BUBEN&ZORWEG takes a more stylish approach when planning and conceiving a luxury safe.

If considered isolated, the inherent strength and resistance that is required to complete the extensive technical requirements of a BUBEN&ZORWEG Safe would certainly resemble an example of Brutalist architecture.
Instead, the German manufacturer prefers to wrap these essential technical features in exquisite materials such as Italian nappa leather, precious woods and perfectly applied high-quality lacquers, in order to produce a unique combination of design, innovation and perfection.

The outcome is a remarkable piece of functional design able to integrate the most sophisticated ambience and interior decoration project. Available in a choice of different sizes, the timeless COLLECTOR SAFES from BUBEN&ZORWEG can adapt itself to the most stylish and demanding collector without sacrificing any of its cutting-edge technical safety requirements. Its world-class demanding VDS safety certification is proof that uncompromising safety and classic-stylish design can successfully coexist in one single masterpiece.