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Looks can be deceiving!

07. January 2019

Usually, this popular statement is associated with negative connotations, but the rule at BUBEN&ZORWEG is that it's precisely the other way around...

BUBEN&ZORWEG has a passion; a passion for SHOWING YOUR PASSION!

29. October 2018

Customized security solutions have always been a part of BUBEN&ZORWEG’s philosophy for the passionate collector. Indeed, interior designers from a...

BUBEN&ZORWEG wins “Luxury Category“ in German Brand Award – Berlin 2018

11. September 2018

2018 has been a huge stepping stone for the future of BUBEN&ZORWEG, having been awarded two prestigious prizes in the same month!   I...

BUBEN&ZORWEG ranks among the finest German luxury goods companies in Munich 2018

31. August 2018

Ernst & Young ranked BUBEN&ZORWEG, the creators of luxury safes, watch winders and private museums for the world‘s most passionate collectors,...

BUBEN&ZORWEG opens InShop Boutique at Lane Crawford, Harbour City

10. July 2018

The recent, exclusive opening of the BUBEN&ZORWEG InShop Boutique at Lane Crawford, Harbour City, the top luxury department store in Asia and one ...