Private Museum

Private Museum Inbuilt

Impressive time and again: the bullet-proof glass pane of the PRIVATE MUSEUM slides elegantly into the wall to reveal the precious treasures the proud owner wishes to present. And even then, an invisible laser grid makes sure there is no unauthorised access…

Ebony Grigio

One is convinced to have seen the innovative security measures incorporated in the PRIVATE MUSEUM in a movie… the optional mirrored spy-glass that becomes transparent at the touch of a button... the biometric fingerprint identification of the high-tech locking system, naturally VdS-certified... the LED technology that shows off the objects at their best. An optionally available high-end stereo system discreetly integrated in the wall panel enhances the pleasurable experience of relishing works of art. And because private collections are something highly personal: all aspects of the PRIVATE MUSEUM can be adapted to reflect personal preferences.



  • Housing in semi-gloss, black
  • Suitable for flush wall fitting
  • High-security glass, bullet-proof and extreme resistant against mechanical attacks, 22 mm thickness
  • Vertical, electromechanical opening & closing mechanism which slides the high-security glass extremely silent
  • 2.5 mm stainless steel security compartment
  • German VdS certified locking system with 7-digit keypad
  • Integrated Laser curtain, prevents unauthorized access in open condition
  • Integrated alarm system with interface to the house alarm system
  • Finest German craftsmanship


Interior Showcase

  • Presentation case for valuables
  • 2 drawers (inserts to select)
  • Interior in finest velour, black
  • State-of-the-art, adjustable LED lighting technology with fading function


Showcase Interior Options

  • Universal
  • Signature
  • Collector


Drawer Inserts

  • Gentlemen
  • Cufflinks
  • Jewellery
  • Watches
  • Universal


Optional Functions

  • Door opening with fingerprint
  • Tracking System
  • Inner showcase dimensions: 765 x 1270 mm, variable depth from 200-500 mm
  • 350 kg
  • Mains Adaptor, universal for Germany, United Kingdom, United States (100 - 240 Volt)