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Discover the world of BUBEN&ZORWEG

Every BUBEN&ZORWEG object has the rare gift of not only protecting valuable possessions in their beauty and function, but at the same time exponentially increasing the perceived joy of their presentation. The result: FASCINATION

OUR CONVICTION: COURAGE. DEDICATION. PERFECTION. Only with courage, dedication and the demand for perfection can we create something unique. Courage to expand the scope of the possible and to enter new territory. Dedication to overcoming obstacles and turning bold ideas into reality. Demand for perfection to ensure the quality of genuine objects. Object by object, year by year.


Our formula consists of six principles.

The uniqueness of our objects results from the symbiosis of inspiring creativity, exceptional functionality and limitless individuality.

BUBEN&ZÖRWEG Uhrenatelier
Ein Wohnraum mit besonderer Atmosphäre: Maßgeschneiderte und exquisites Interior Design von BUBEN&ZÖRWEG.

Cutting-edge technology, the use of the most exclusive materials as well as the finishing with German craftsmanship make our products true masterpieces.